About me

I’m a medical specialist and self taught illustrator.
I’ve always expressed myself through art but never pursued it seriously until about a year ago when I was stressed out with my professional life and started drawing on my laptop to ease the tension. Vector art was new to me but now I see the world in vectors 🙂

When I rummage through my mind to my early life, I realize that there is a lot that I learnt as a kid, a lot of who I grew up to become. And spending time with my nephews and niece keeps reminding me of how as a kid, I wanted to change the world. I thought that I could really be like the inspirational cartoon characters that I watched, I could do amazing things.

I have done amazing things, I became a doctor, I lectured hundreds, treated thousands and still offer consultations. I hope to inspire each one of us to take action, not to be afraid of trying and to keep learning.

“We begin our journey of changing the world as children and we grow up to become who we set out to be, sometimes we lose ourselves in the journey, sometimes we are lucky to find our little selves and we pull ourselves together. Wherever life has taken you, I hope that my work can inspire you!”

Dr Fatma