He saw my instagram

The featured image is part of a 10 panel instagram post that I made for a fun couple to share their love story with their family and friends.

I always try to get the personal story so that my art can be relatable.

When the client looks at it, they see themselves because it captures the essence of who they are.

But when I asked her to tell me their story, she simply said:

You can start it with him seeing a picture of me on instagram.

I had no conversation to work with or special moments to ponder upon.

How would I tell such a story?

I looked at her posts on whatsapp and some of what she sent me as references.

I sensed what love might mean to her.

It’s about her sharing her moments with him.

I started the panels with a full body custom avatar of her and the paragraph:

I don’t know what about me got your attention.

And ended it with a custom avatar of him and the paragraph:

I am glad something did because you are awesome.

I wanted it to end with a thought that could be true to either of them.

Note how I made each of her moment, their moment.

For privacy’s sake, the custom avatars are omitted from this post because they do have a resemblance to the couple.

Did I succeed to draw out her story from my observations?

I love and I love the idea of love.

I admire the most the couple who are not shy to show their love to one another.

In all sorts of ways.

Crafts, diaries, postcards and letters are my favourite.

And of course in recent times, digital illustration is taking over. 💖