Is the story of the youth. In this series the youth share their opinions by answering questions that are pertinent to them.

For me, ‘ecouter’ is the Mali fire finch that inspired the design of @MohSalah’s mascot.

A bird as a mascot was an obvious choice for a project that is dedicated to reaching out to the voice of the communities.

It is plausable to think of birds as having no geographic boundaries, the perfect messengers. When they sing we listen.

The Mali Fite finch is a common bird and the nation’s mascot. The beauty of this choice is that it would be easy to recognize. Being red, it fit the colour scheme.

In the first draft I wanted lines, curves, whatever. I just wanted it not to be the conventional drawing of a bird.

I detailed the tail feathers as they were symbolic of the quill pen and enlarged it’s eye to portray the phrase “eyes wide open “.

When I was done, it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t represent the elegance of the Fire finch as my mind knew that it should.

Several hours later, I redesigned the wing to represent flames, reduced the tail feathers to three and made the body curvy.

I loved it.