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We have been working on several postcard designs to promote our #Art4SDG project. The goal of our work is to connect people and inspire action, can we interest our readers to be part of our cause?

We talk about the protection of biodiversity through friendly dialogues every now and then but have ventured into postcard designs recently.

“As travelers, we love sending postcards, why not send posts with a message?” we thought. As it travels from one post service to the next it tells a message.

Through the Saobona (alternative- sawabona, sawubona) postcard designs we are raising awareness for SDG targets 11 and 15; specific indicators, 11.2 and 15.1. We feature South-africa in our first public postcard because of a recent travel.

Accessibility of safe and inclusive transportation is key to economic growth but it inevitably results to loss of biodiversity through development of infrastructure, making the concept of sustainable cities an important one.

There are a number of Sustainable cities models that address the conservation of biodiversity. Learn more about sustainable cities from United Nations Development Program.

The first card below features the South-african national symbols, King Protea (flower) and Blue crane (bird).

The second card features the symbols of the city of Joburg, the Hillbrow tower, the Nelson Mandela bridge and the Metrorail.

Feel free to resize, price print and post the card inspired by the rainbow nation, South-Africa and help us raise awareness for the SDGs [size – A4 landscape].

Does placing the logo of the SDG target indicator spark curiosity to find out more about the target or is it just tacky?