Creating and transforming characters

So, you want to know how artists come up with their characters. Let me share with you a snap shot of my creative process.

I look at several reference images

Being a self taught artist, I have been inspired by a number of works and have made my decision on what my style is.

Nonetheless, I still rely on reference images which are mostly photographs and at times illustrations from other artists to get an idea of how to illustrate certain emotions, objects etc.

It is important when using reference images from other artists to stay true to your own style to maintain individuality.

It is os easy to be pressured to make your work look like your idol’s. I look at several inages before I even draw the first rough sketch.

I read a lot

Other than using reference images which are a powerful tool, I read a lot about what i want to illustrate particularly when my knowledge about the subject is limited. I read physical descriptions, interesting facts, figures etc

I also read a lot about different aspects of designing depending on the impactthat I want my character and overal work to have.

My first rough sketch is from memory

When Inpen down my first rough sketch, I rely on my memory to allow myself to visualize on papaer my interpretation of what I have seen.

I sketch several poses of my character on paper

My goal is to tell stories so once I have created my character I draw several moves and expressions until I run out of ideas.

I use a digital tool to redesign my character

When I do the digital rendition, I keep going back and forth the reference images. I want characters that are recognizable but not too bothered with details.

I refine the character depending on purpose

When I fall in love with a character, I want it to appeal to a wider audience so I keep refining it to fit different age groups and tastes. In the process I create unique characters that I use in different designs to deliver different messages.

Can you relate to this creative process?