Finding inspiration for design: Monk Seal

My attention has been drawn back to conservation efforts to save animals on the endagered list after a colleague posted that a species of giraffes was on the endagered list.

I can’t imagine that some of the animals that exist today, could one day be historical facts such as the dino.

So, I searched the internet for a few more animals that are endangered and was captivated by the Monk seal. One species (Caribbean Monk seal) was declared extinct due to human action in 2008, the remaining two are endagered.

I decided it is a good subject to use as an inspiration to illustrate and design a few instagram posts.

The thought behind the designs

I wanted something modern, immediately my mind thought of using minimalist and fashion.

The fashion symbol that creeped up my mind was Tommy Hilfiger, always been a fan of this fashion house, I love how they design their packaging and their logo is something that inspired me when I was younger.

As for the illustration itself i like to keep things simple but recognizable, I dont bother with light and shadows or trying to get a third dimension.

The message

The message is definitely to highlight that the animal is endangered but i didnt want it to just say, “endangered” because that’s expected. Initially I thiught of a phrases –

“heaven awaits”

“I can see your halo”

“To go on Indefinite leave, soon”

“Aboard the heaven express”

But they didn’t feel right because they kind of felt as though I was making fun of the situation. Through the brain storming process, an imagery of the word exit on a plane popped up.

I deconstructed it!

The outcome

What emotions do these images evoke?

Do they make you curious about the subject?