You just need 2 reasons to start using custom illustrations

Reason 1: Stock images are a one size fits all

Stock images are cheap and therefore popular. Choosing stock images mean that your brand will be represented with an image that is used by hundred other campaigns for a similar or an entirely different reason.

A simple image search of this image, returned 722 results, imagine that!

This image is highly associated with health posts.
Reason 2:  Custom illustrations are perfect fit

It’s like buying designer clothes, they are expensive but only a few can wear them. They are designed to represent your brand most accurately, the right colours, the right design, the right mascot/face, the right values.

Reference: the face of @fiziomidia physiotherapy insta-lessons.

When you buy a custom illustration design, you are buying the artists interpretation of the world which is unique to every artist even though they may use the same tools.

Custom full body illustration, minimalistic environment.

Make your brand memorable.

Buy full-body illustration with surrounding environment

Get an illustration in any given pose with key identifying elements within the environment. 1.. Submit photo reference 2. Submit photo reference of environment or describe it. 3. Tell us what colours represent you best