You can create more engaging stories on Instagram in 5 steps

Keep an eye on trends 

The best tool out there that instantly shows you what is trending globally as well as locally is Google trends. They show you the latest Stories and insights by topic or region.

Google trend search over the weekend.
Write down your message

Decide what you want to talk about and curate your message so that it aligns with the current trend. This ensures that your message is relevant to the audience.

Plan out your scenes 

To tell good story you need to plan it out. You can do this on a piece of paper or a computer which ever you are comfortable with. Planning allows you to think out the most effective way to deliver your message. That’s how movie directors create award winning stories.

Harmonize your elements

Use common branding layout for each story panel keeping in mind the images and message being delivered.

Add interactivity

This is what makes Instagram addictive. You can ask questions;
add polls, emoji slide bars, animated gifs, highlighter marker, music, videos, geo-location, hashtags and mentions. Wow!